Dentures and Partials

At Drs. Gerald and Richard Adelstein, we want our patients to have the best dentures possible. Our office is equipped and skilled in providing the best denture solutions to fulfill the needs of your smile.


Full Dentures

Custom full dentures are made for patients when all of the natural teeth are missing or extracted due to excessive damage. They're made to rest on the gum tissue and give you a full, comfortable smile.


Partial Dentures

These only replace some of the teeth and attach to the remaining, natural teeth with clasps or attachments. They're a great option for smile restoration and we're also able to save some of your teeth.


What to Expect with New Dentures

It takes some time to get used to the feeling of dentures in your mouth, after which you should be able to comfortably eat, speak, and smile. The following is normal when complete dentures are initially placed in the mouth:

• A feeling of fullness in the mouth, face, lips, and/or cheeks, which typically subside quickly

• Temporary minor changes in speech sounds, which will be more apparent to you than to others

• Changes in chewing patterns while getting used to the jaw movements required for chewing with dentures, which may take several weeks


See these helpful tips to make your time with dentures easier and more efficient:

• Speaking slowly and enunciating precisely helps the tongue and facial muscles adapt more quickly

• Start chewing with small pieces of soft food, gradually increasing the food's firmness, and chew food on both sides of your mouth simultaneously with only your back teeth. A small amount of denture adhesive may help to stabilize your dentures

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